Where Have I Been?

This map shows where in the world I have been. Some places I visited where vacation, others where business related. There is still lots to discover for me and recommendations are very welcome!

Each pin indicates a location I've been at or will soon be visiting. Pins that are close to each other are clustered thus zoom in to see them better.

Purple Pin Visited locations
Purple Camera Pin Visited locations with a picture of me in that location
Grey Pin Planned location, typically a vacation trip or a conference
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Note that not all locations are accurately listed and locations close to each other and/or not too significant for me have been merged as one to avoid too much clutter. The countries are sorted by countrycode, not by their names.

For a place to be added to this list I have to have been in the location and seen the semi important touristy sights. Transfers at airports are thus not included even though I did land there.


From this data the following statistics can be extracted showing that a lot of travel is still needed.

 CurrentPlannedGoalTo DoEndgame
Countries7 3% 7 3% 223
Continent: Africa1 2% 1 2%5455
Continent: Asia  0%   0%4848
Continent: Oceania  0%   0%1919
Continent: Antartica  0%   0%11
Continent: Europe612% 612%4450
Continent: North America  0%   0%3737
Continent: South America  0%   0%1313
Continents229% 229%57
U.S. States  0%   0%5151
Days on Cruise Ships      0
Distance on Cruise Ship (km)      0
Cruise trips      0

How far did I get away from home?

DirectionLocationDistancePlanned LocationPlanned Distance
NorthLondon, United Kingdom 1554 km--
EastRome, Italy 1459 km--
SouthTangier, Morocco 286 km--
WestSeville, Spain 200 km--
AwayVenice, Italy 1582 km--